Bribery is the easier way out #LovelyPeculiaritiesofNigeria

So before all you nation builders descend on me, can we take a moment to truly examine the Nigerian situation. It’s terrible to admit but that’s just the fact. And before some people go on a holy rant about the sin of bribery and corruption(we pray against it in my church daily towards the end of mass), i think that what we need to address foremost is not the act itself but causes leading up to the act.

A friend of mine packed into a flat only to get an electricity of N10,000 the next month. Mind you, he never had light between 6pm – 11pm throughout said month; not that there was steady light at other times but i just wanted to emphasize the ‘never’ for those hours households use electricity the most. He asked his neighbours and he was informed that was the latest development from PHCN and the best part was that the bill was an estimate (because obviously they were unmetred). He asked his landlord why there was no metre and he was informed that all attempts to get PHCN to procure and install had been to no avail.

He stormed to PHCN office where he was referred to his marketer who wasn’t on seat but he called her up and immediately he mentioned his house address, the lady confirmed that the landlord had been to their office severally in hopes of getting metres installed. He then asked the lady how the bill came to be as there were no records of power used and he was informed they had a standard estimate for everyone based on their location, after all the BQ in the compound was charged the same amount (I guess that was supposed to be consoling). Meanwhile another unmetred flat on the same street was billed N4,500.

Go Figure....

He was advised to find something for the boys.

Now from an economic point of view, is it not better to give the woman N3000 once and have your monthly bill slashed to N4,500 or even N3,500 depending on their mood? That’s just common sense

Don’t get me started on immigration people, would you rather wait in line for a week than pay double the official rate and get your passport that same day or the next if you can afford that?

Or is it the FRSC and their laughable excuse at a driving test. I remember someone being asked to go from Onitsha to Awka to do a driving test. Then come back to the FRSC Onitsha with the results for the drivers license. Seriously!!!!! And you expect me not to roger someone?

It’s quite unfortunate but it is the truth. Bribery actually gets things done here and fast that sometimes i find it difficult envisioning a Nigeria free of corruption.

But we cannot give up hope. I remember when we used to line up (pushing and shoving) to pay electricity bills before the advent of Pre-paid metre. Then one even had to bribe someone if you were in a hurry. So there are some changes albeit minute

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