The best way to lie…

I usually have some weird moments when I think weird thoughts that during my sane moments, I wonder “whatever started that train of thought?”

One of such thoughts is the biblical injunction that all liars are sinners.
Is it possible for an adult to be 100% truthful? How can all lies have the same sin rating? What of lies that are told to save a situation? What of lies that are  necessary?

Would one classify wilful omission as lying?
Sometimes I just wonder, covering for a colleague who probably was having a bad day (that is quite unusual for said person), is that also lying?

This doesn’t mean that one should go about spouting untruthful statements and become known as a serial liar.

But most times, one cannot help but admire the skills of smart serial liars: you know their words are probably lies but you feel a compulsion to give them a benefit of the doubt once more (or should I say the hundredth time???)

I think knowing how to lie effectively should be one of those skills everyone should learn, because you never know when it will come in handyโ˜บ



14 thoughts on “The best way to lie…”

    1. I didn’t say you should lie to your wife but it’s your choice. I have always believed that trust is important in relationships.
      When I look at my long relationships with friends who have become family to me, there’s a lot of trust and respect and that only comes from the knowledge that that person has your back and is honest with you.
      You don’t have to talk about everything but the previous discussions have been revealed to be truthful, without malice that it makes you trustworthy even when you keep some stuff to yourself.
      My two cents

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      1. I know and your right. I just want a reason to feel better about myself cause of how i was treated. Its kind of like well I did this so I can understand why she did what she did to me. Just a way to except what she has done.

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