The Crush….

She was soo beautiful, her skin fair and smooth and he assumed silky like Tonto Dikeh too.
Gosh!! She had a lovely profile.

Soo in love

He had heard and read of love at first sight but couldn’t believe it was happening to him, although he had never really seen her face which was always bent low as she sat on the bed with a pillow on her laps.

When would she lift her head to him so he could behold her face?? The completion of the beauty.  Kai!!!

He had read that persistence is the Key to all things, so everytime he came into the Hotel room, he asked her, “What can I do for you my lady? How may I be of help? Do you want to talk to somebody? I am here for you”.

He kept repeating those words. He even took Ahmed and Missi’s Cleaning shifts just to make sure he was always the one to attend to her. And always her answer was, “Please if you are done, get out”.


But he kept asking and cleaning, counting the days to his next salary, maybe he could buy her a perfume or a teddy bear, or whatever his meager cleaner salary could afford.

Then on that faithful day, she answered lifitng her head, beautiful as he had always imagined and said..”Can you kill someone for me?” she asked, lifting a gun from under the pillow and handing it to him, “A shot right in the middle of the forehead would do…”.


Like a mute dog, he stood there almost eating the mopstick..



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