Much Ado about Age

-So how old are you, Ma?
“It’s written in the folder”, she replied.


I looked down and saw 20 but the woman looked like she was in her thirties.
‘So Ma, you are twenty or is it twenty-one?”
“Nooo, is that what was written?” She asked “I am older than that oh”
Then there was silence, I looked at her waiting for an elaboration but she said nothing.


I turned back to the folder and saw I read it wrongly, it was written 20+. I turned back to her
“Oh madam, it’s actually twenty plus that was written”
“Of course, I am not twenty. There was a plus there” she responded


And then silence again even with all my power stares.
“But could you tell me the right twenty something it is?”
“How old am I???” She asked “I was born in ’86 so I should be 31 this year”.

In my mind, I yelled ‘Finally!!! Drum rolls, people!!! ‘

That wasn’t soo difficult, was it??’

God!! Why do women find it difficult to state their age? Even in a hospital??? What’s the biggie biko? What does a lady profit by hiding her age?? Or am I missing something important?


I don’t understand, maybe someone who does should kindly explain


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14 thoughts on “Much Ado about Age”

  1. hehehe, i guess some women don’t want to grow old? some lie and reduce their age to make it easier to get jobs (we see job ads saying you must be not older than 25), some is so as not to chase potential husband (maybe she is 31 and wants a 33 year old guy who would be chasing a 25 year old lady). Who knows? funny though!

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    1. You know the funny thing- I actually understand those with your stated reasons.
      But this lady was married and was in the hospital to seek treatment and No, she wasn’t looking for a child…..
      That is the difficult part

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  2. It stems from ageism.
    Women being called ‘old cargo’, ‘second hand’ etc particularly in any Patriarchal society; women being judged by their looks – ‘fresh’ or …(you fill in the blanks).

    So their defence mechanism is – hide my age or lie about it e.t.c…

    We will all grow old…if we don’t die young, that is. So, ageism if not checked, will meet all of us.

    (Enough preaching- Chii, nwa-mama, how are youπŸ˜€)

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