Auntie Trouble maker

“What do you mean?” I shouted at the top of my voice.
“How can you tell me that from that junction to this Junction is N70?”
I was still screaming as people gathered to know what was  happening; the keke man just opened his mouth staring at me, and didn’t say anything, although he looked like the meanest thug you’ve  ever seen. The people who gathered kept saying “Its OK ma, calm down ma”. I shouted once more, turned and went my lovely way, smiling triumphantly to myself.

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You see,  I just won the battle that would have turned against me. Our society knows how to make room and excuses for the trouble makers and stubborn headed (In pidgin: those wey no dey hear  word). They make excuses for them like “Hmmm, don’t mind him that’s how he behaves; everyone knows him, just give him what he wants and go your way and he goes his way etc”.

Photo credit: facebook comments😊

So most times in this our society, be that trouble maker first, cause that mayhem you very well know someone else will do if you don’t.
You can apologize later, and guess what??  You are even loved more then, and more people will seek your attention 😎

Image Credit: google

Sincerely yours,
Hellen Keller😆😆


9 thoughts on “Auntie Trouble maker”

    1. She did. She just didn’t pay the inflated price. You know how keke and bus drivers can double their fare especially if you didn’t ask the price while boarding.
      The story belongs to a friend who goes by the pseudonym- Helen Keller

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    1. You didn’t know??? Let me educate you, it’s the same way the saying – There’s light at the end of the tunnel – does not belong to Nigeria because uncle, we know there will be no light. Some intellectuals have opted for – there’s jollof rice at the end of the party abi wedding – but even that is not assured here, because some parties you might have to struggle for the rice😜😜

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