Behind every Successful Woman….

I was at a wedding on Saturday and the M.C really gave some making sense jokes, but one stuck and has been disturbing me since…….

Behind every successful man is a woman;
And behind every successful woman is an exhausted man.

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It was funny really but you know the Igbos say: Na njakili na-ekwu ezigbo (In teasing, the truth is spoken albeit humorously).

And that goes to show where we are as a society, the values we place on female achievements. It explains why ladies usually earn lower incomes than men, why ladies rarely own big businesses.

Because at the end of the day, it is these little things that shape our thoughts, shape our activities and ultimately shape our lives.

And it is saddening, because I have seen many women with amazing ideas that are never pursued.


6 thoughts on “Behind every Successful Woman….”

  1. Lolxxx……..@ exhausted man
    But I really don’t think i agree with you fully on this.there are alot of successful ladies with amazing men behind them. I think is all about placing priorities right,making mistakes, picking all the lessons available from the mistakes and disregarding the errors of others.

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    1. I know the mc was doing his work but jokes are gotten from realities.
      And there are loads of successful ladies with amazing men behind them, i agree.
      But there are loads more of ladies who leave the success trail because of the fear of exhausted men


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