Mami-Iwota #StoriesFromMyParishPriest

I remember the priest’s story one sunday about a Little girl who was being scared by her friends. They told her that Mami-Iwota was going to deal with her. Regaling her with tales of Mami-Iwota’s horrible treatment of her enemies, they expected her to be scared and start cowering; instead the girl stood up tall and declared she wasn’t afraid of her.

Everyone was shocked, they then started mocking her thinking she didn’t understand the severity of the things Mami-Iwota could do to her,  but the girl replied “I am not afraid of her. Yes, I know she is dangerous but whatever she does to me, once I get hold of Iwota I will do three-fold and she would never mess with me again.”

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For those who are confused, Mami-Iwota is a siren that lives in water.  But when you translate it literally from Igbo, it means Mother of Iwota. I had heard and used the word Mami-Iwota for 19 years of my life till that day and I never thought of it literally.

I learnt a big lesson that day:

1. There are so many perspectives to whatever it is you think you know already

2. Listen to as many views/opinions no matter how insignificant the speaker is to you, you never know

3. Everyone has something to give, it might seem unbelievable but it’s true

This post was inspired by Obisco’s obsession with Mami-wota. She even has a story series on okadabooks titled Mami-wota made my hair and the hilarious blog post Beyonce bu Mami-wota


6 thoughts on “Mami-Iwota #StoriesFromMyParishPriest”

  1. I wish I was dat brave like dat gal at dat age. So much gibberish told to us lil children which I doubted but fear of being told “what do u kno, small girl?”, of being mocked, seen as weird or daring to be outspokenly different was sth I wasn’t yet ready to embrace at dat age.

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  2. Hehehe, those stories of mamiwota back then, …if you collect something from strangers ..mamiwota will visit you @ night, if you then eat what you collected from the strangers without showing your parents, chances are you may turn to mamiwota @night, just wait till you hear a shrill sound @night its mamiwota and those your classmates who are now in her group…..

    If only I could have translated it like this girl, I would have asked when I catch her to tell me amongst other things why its only at night that her mama wakes up. Lol

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  3. The girl should continue until she is trapped on the high sea and the speed boat refuses to move. I will know if she can repeat what she said.
    Its interesting though

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