Killing is Allowed

So the other day, I was listening to one of these Radio shows where one could call in. I cannot really remember the topic for the programme but it had to do with stopping the crisis in the Niger Delta.

People were calling in giving their opinions on possible solutions and what the government could do differently. Intelligent valid points were being raised on the reasons for Niger Delta under development and the rise of militancy again in the region. Proposals were being proffered on how to get the militants to put down arms

And then someone called in with a whole new perspective, he said and I quote ‘Niger deltans should stop complaining about Northerners owning more than 90% of the oil blocks,  because the Northerners worked hard for it,; infact they are reaping the fruits of their labour. They had to kill more than 10 million people during the Civil war so they’ve earned it ”

So therein lies my confusion: Is he suggesting that for the Niger Deltans to earn the rights to the oil wells in their land, they have to kill a greater number of people?? So in essence, they should start a war?

Sometimes ehnn, some Nigerians tire me seriously

But I must say that was an eye opener because I never thought of it that way. If you want something, you should be willing to do all it takes including Kill…..
O di egwu.

After all the US of A started a war in Iraq and other places (Nigerians get sense ehnnn), it’s all about the oil.

He raised a valid point.

So my prayer for you this week is that all obstacles towards your goal should fall and die because a certain Pastor even called on God’s wrath against anyone who would speak ill of his varsity’s school fees as it was pre-set by divine law.

So Go Forth and Kill……………
Disclaimer: This advice is based on an anonymous Nigerian’s reasoning and does not reflect chidisblog beliefs.


13 thoughts on “Killing is Allowed”

  1. Hello Chidi,

    How’ve you been?

    The perspective of that caller is worrisome, I don’t even understand the logic behind his reasoning. So one’s killing prowess determines one’s share of national resources? Odi egwu!

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      1. Obiscooooooo I have missed u and your way with words. Because of you, I promise to go through my wordpress feeds at least once a week. So help me God..

        In the beginning, I thought he was being sarcastic oh but the guy was serious till the end, I swear

        Liked by 1 person

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