Basic Driving Rules Pt 2

So last year we went through the 5 basic driving rules in Nigeria see here but i realised i missed some crucial ones. So here are the next 5:

1. Taking calls while driving:

Here, the degree of your being a professional driver is measured by your ability to take calls while driving. We call up loved ones even when we know they are driving because we expect them to be in control.
It seems we don’t understand the gravity of some of our actions

2. Don’t drive while drunk:

I used to think it was don’t drink alcohol and drive; but here i have realized its Dont drive while drunk. You can drive after 6 bottles of alcohol so far you are sober but i thought the whole point was for one to have 100% concentration as  one might not be quite drunk but still be a bit disoriented.
Also, what if one thinks he is still sober while he is tipsy?? Its funny when you drive to a loved one’s house and you are plied bottles after bottles of alcohol even though everyone is aware you are driving back that s

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3. Keke has the Right of Way Always:

Yes, it doesn’t matter if they swerve back into the road without indicating, they are the Kings of the road. The road rules do not apply to them so they can indicate that they are going right (trafficate right) while continuing straight and then suddenly turn left. If you are caught unawares and damage your car that’s your fault for not knowing the rules……….😅😅

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4.Blow your horn in greeting or gratitude:

You’ve been waiting at the junction and finally a car stopped to let you pass; blow your horn in appreciation. You see your neighbour on the opposite side of the road; blow your horn in greeting. You get to the estate gate; blow your horn in greeting to the security men there. In fact, if you feel soo happy; blow your horn in jubilation……..

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5. ………………………………….

Fill in the blanks


Your thoughts people


4 thoughts on “Basic Driving Rules Pt 2”

  1. Lol. Well captured. Naija peeps no get chill @all. That drinking one is so commonplace eeh. And of course if u have an issue with a keke, then it’s strictly your fault. Thanks dear. Dis piece made my morning.

    Liked by 1 person

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