Fulani Herdsmen? Abi na Fulani Assasins

The fulani herdsmen attacking innocent villagers in Nigeria is nothing new. The Agatu massacre has been reported over and over yet the Director of Defense Interview said in an interview that new killings were yet to be reported to them. Is this supposed to be a military joke? A whole local government area has been invaded while the Army and Police stand watch leaving the villagers as Refugees and the President is still investigating the matter? I’m taking this personal cos a friend had told me of his family’s escapade in the hands of these herdsmen.

Yesterday i just heard of these Fulani herdsmen invading  Uzo-uwani in Enugu state and the villagers fighting back as their wives and daughters were kidnapped but instead of the security forces protecting the villagers (the owners of the land), they were taken away and locked up while the invaders remain at large. Meanwhile the state Governor is still looking into the matter. What rubbish? The most annoying part of the whole story was that there was already a leaked rumour about the attack and a stakeholders meeting was called where the Fulani leaders assured the community of bringing their herdsmen under control, the state government was also informed of the pending attack yet no security measures were put in place.

So many villages from the North central to the southwest has been attacked yet the Federal government is yet to do anything about the matter. One should note that the excuse  the herdsmen give for attacking communities is that their cows were missing/stolen. Is that enough reason to go on a killing spree?  Other reasons include that some of them were also killed. How does one confirm the story? And how come they never go to report to the police? Are they now above the law?

Another fact from this whole saga is how in the pictures, the herdsmen are seen carrying guns. Please when were they given authorisation to carry guns? What is a herdsman doing with an AK-47 please? If you are welcomed into a foreign land why don’t you go back to wherever it is you came from? Is it by force to allow someone graze their cattle on one’s land?

And the joke of the century is that whenever there is a face-off between a community and these Fulani herdsmen, the politicians and Police always asks us the citizens not to turn a national issue into a tribal/ethnic one.


Excuse me?? Its already tribal and we are not the ones who made it so, the Fulani herdsmen did. How come they are yet to invade a Fulani village?(Or maybe i don’t understand how a Fulani village works but who cares?)

Will you also run from someone who attacks you in your own home? How can our Security Forces and politicians ask villagers not to fan the flames when they are already being attacked? Last time i checked, you have the right to self-defense. Our dearest President was quick to sympathize with the Paris attacks but he cannot see that what we have here is worse than that; as our government has, by its silence given a nod of approval to these Fulani herdsmen to continue with their Genocide.

Another aspect that annoys me is when our Defense friends (Police & Army) instead of rounding up these herdsmen and arresting them have the guts to tell Nigerians that they are speaking/negotiating with the owners of the cattle to call off their boys.

Image Credit:web

Even if its the President calling back our Army from peace keeping mission. I can’t over state my disappointment in this present adminstration in all these happenings. I wonder by the time we recover all the looted/stolen funds from past politicians/govt officials if na cattle, fulani herdsmen and boko haram members that will remain as citizens in our rural areas.

Just saying…..
I’m curious: If herdsmen were to occupy the land close to your house and you see them carrying all types of guns, would you or would you not presume that you would soon be a victim of an attack??


10 thoughts on “Fulani Herdsmen? Abi na Fulani Assasins”

  1. The complacency of Enugu State Government is appalling; that of our agent of change is even more saddening.
    I shake with anger EVERY TIME, I read about the fulani herdsmen.
    So what happens when something or somebody poses a threat to a man’s life? He too becomes a predator…
    A war is looming and the only way it can be stopped is if the government acts NOW and punishes the perpetrators of these crimes; but that would be expecting too much of ‘baba-go-slow’
    I weep for Nigeria because we are so far off from the ‘change’ we were promised ; our country is fast turning into a zoo.
    Abeg I don talk too much, na to run comot this country be the way forward now💨

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    1. 😅😅@run comot this country; thats the sad reality. Sometimes i imagine if my parents stayed in those communities, how can perpetrators of crimes be left walking around while we try to get their bosses to reason with them? Yesterday i saw the Enugu state governor crying on tv & i wondered if they have put measures in place to prevent another attack? Or is he still waiting for baba change?


  2. Nne I am so afraid, they come close to my aunt’s house in Benin and every time I see them, my heart jumps into my throat.
    I don’t like talking about Nigeria and our current state, I get incoherent with rage.

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    1. I think I’ve been afraid of them since 2010 or so. That was the first time I heard that they killed a man because his car had hit a cow. Seriously?
      But don’t be afraid boo. The Lord is my steady and constant defense. And yours and your family’s too.

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      1. I have never heard this story. Each day this country sounds more barbaric than before. No wonder Nigerians can do anything to leave the shores of this country.
        Ada, i will also be praying for your family from my end

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    2. Chelukwa!!! They are close to your aunt’s house?? Please oh, you guys have to be vigilant and if you hear any rumour, flee until proven otherwise. This country places no value on citizen’s lives; in fact i can almost swear that the cattle has a greater value than we humans unless you are a Fulani herdsman


  3. The passiveness of our leaders in this issue is heartbreaking but it is not new. I remember when Boko Haram started. Throwing bombs, killing people. Lots of Nigerians dismissed them because “Nigerians are happy people, they cannot be terrorists”.
    My hope is that the Enugu state Governor empowers his police men to stop these attacks. Because if he doesn’t, men in the villages will rise up and kill those herdsmen and their cows, the herdsmen will then kill or burn the community and I really don’t want want to worry about my relatives in Enugu.

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    1. My dear eh, the passivity of our rulers is no longer shocking. But my fear is that the Police Force operates under the command of the FG (correct me if im wrong), so if there truly is a conspiracy with these attacks, do you think they would be of any useful help? But let’s watch what happens.
      Left for me, i would say the state govt creates a vigilante force directly under its command to counter these herdsmen but we know how bakassi quickly turned into a private security killing unit, so i’m no longer sure


  4. I agree with hrh7. The state should keep her citizens safe. We also should have spoken out when agatu massacre happened but we waited until it reached our doorstep. We are all Nigerians but are living like we aren’t part of it. Boko haram be killing since 1900 but God forbid it comes to our doorstep again and it starts to sound like aa new thing. I am not for this administration but it’s easy to blame everything on Buhari afterall when that bombing happened in Germany or somewhere like thaat, he tweeted his support. Anyway, if he condemns it,then what next. We need action not talk talk. Hold yourr state responsible.

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