Police is your Friend??? #LovelyPeculiaritiesofNigeria

I think this post should have been rightly titled ‘Nigerian Law Enforcement Agents and their abuse of power’. But i’m going to start with the police force. I believe everyone in Nigeria already knows that our Police Force is worse than a joke. The saying goes: ‘Police is your friend’ but in Nigeria i think the right saying should be: Police is your enemy. From delaying travellers for about an hour or more because the “greedy” driver packed enough luggage and refused to Roger; then they decide to conduct a search to be sure there are no contraband items.

The other day, i was in Owerri and we just passed the traffic light after government house and were stopped at a junction when we noticed a traffic policeman  dragging the steering wheel with the driver behind us. It was a minute scuffle that resulted in the car hitting us from behind. So the question was: Who was going to pay for the damage to our car?  The driver or the policeman who was alleging that the driver ran a red light? When the light was at 10 when we passed?  So how do we prove that the policeman was lying?

A friend of mine told me a story of the Nigerian Road Safety guys who were trying to stop a trailer driver who refused and in retaliation, they used a long metal pipe to knock off his side mirror.

Image gotten from the web

I was amazed. For Christ’s sake, they the FRSC should know the importance of a side mirror especially in a long petrol tanker and they are the ones sending the truck into the highway without a mirror. Are they now putting the lives of road users at risk?

This petrol scarcity has been soo bad that it even brought out the barbaric nature of our beloved Nigerian Army. A friend of mine was at the NNPC filling station to buy fuel. He left his house at 3:30am to join the queue; then at about 11:30 am when he was about 15 cars from the gate, some Army men arrived to buy fuel. They moved straight to the front of the queue and that was when the wahala began. The driver just before the gate refused to give up his space even after threats were issued, then one of them went ahead to break the man’s arm…..

Photo Credit: google

You read it right….His arm was broken

Sometimes i wonder what it would take to make our Law Enforcement agents law abiding citizens…. I don’t know if i’m the only who dreams of the day i can confidently go to the Police to report a crime i witnessed without the fear that the Police would lock me up and turn me into the criminal.

But if that happens, do you think this country would still feel like Nigeria?? you know the Naija sufferhead ways because me thinks it would remove the Naija making it ajeborized to Nigeria. ‘Winks’

Glossary (For the non Nigerians)

1. Roger: The verb to bribe
2. Wahala: The noun meaning big trouble
3. Ajeborize: The verb to be spoilt and rich. Gotten from the noun ‘ajebutter’ which means someone from the spoilt upperclass.

Abegi, share your law enforcement stories


10 thoughts on “Police is your Friend??? #LovelyPeculiaritiesofNigeria”

  1. All I can say about our armed forces is that they are rogues with a license to kill. There are only a few things that enrage me more that the police’s belief that receiving roger is their birthright.

    I don’t know how to covey my disdain for those lawless lunatics.

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  2. Seriously eh! If I start now, I no go finish. I just remembered that policeman that was dragging steering with driver and the driver ran into an electric pole and the electricity severed his hand. Serves him right. Wonder what he will tell his God if he had died. Thats how they arrested my friend that was going to club in the night with her friends and called them prostitutes. Locked them up overnight o! They had to pay bail of 20k to be released. You can just be arrested for anything. There was another person that threatened a guy that if he doesn’t pay so so so and so amount, he will arrest him and said he is among the people that robbed the area a few days back. As they were still talking, he called his friends to come and carry him. Na so he pay the money sharp sharp! God will punish all of u! Mcheew!!

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    1. Nne eh, i have a friendwveo had a similar experience. He, the wife and 3 other relatives were going for a night vigil, they walked to the junction and were about hailing a taxi when the wife remembered that she forgot her wedding ring. They (he & the wife) just turned back to walk home when a police car stopped and they policemen started dragging the other 3 (2males & a lady) to the car shouting that they were the thieves that harass people in the neighbourhood. Na so they carry them go station with their bibles!!!
      If not that my friend knew the Deputy Commissioner for police, they would have slept in a cell and have to be bailed out.


  3. I went to a Police Station yesterday and the sergeant on patrol outside refused to let me in. I suspect that this was because I refused to let him touch me but really, I didn’t care. I called the person I went to see, she explained the position, I left.
    There’s a limit to not caring though. Once they might have arrested my brother for the offense of walking on the road without his ID card.
    When I hate law officials the most is when they collude with criminals or when they arrest you for no just cause. But then again, the average FRSC/LASTMA/Policeman enters the average bus as “staff” with the unspoken condition that if the bus runs into greedy colleagues of his on the road, he will bail them out of it. And so, he stays in the bus and watches as atrocities of various kinds are committed and does nothing. I don’t blame them, not so much. If your government has steadily embezzled funds and consistently turns a blind eye to your troubles, you’d be angry as well, I think.
    May God help us all. Amen.


  4. The east has dhighest level of greed and ‘ agboroism’. One day i flew into owr , and i was hopeful i’ll get some1 to ride to town with from the airport. I finally found a lady with a baby and asked. She was positive. But before then , as i was loosing hope of gettting any1, I stupidly asked an airport cab guy for cab sharing, and he said, 3,5k. I was like ‘OK’, because my ijebu self wud not agree to ay that kinda amt.

    I was abt putting one leg, inshort i was seated oh, when the ‘?head-of-touts’ came to harass the owner of the car, who was a relative of my helpin pal. Na so serious argument and harrassment start oh. They accused him of spoiling their business, and saying they,ll deal wuth him n all. Long n short, the guy was like ‘ nne oya u,ll need to come down oh’. Na so i treck commot from the airpo rt gate before they could pick me.

    I started to my self, if this car was a jeeep and not looking like a taxi, wud they have tried that rubbbish? This cant even happen in Abj airport. I tire for my country pple oh.

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    1. Nne, sorry for that.
      I remember my Owerri airport experience. I must confess ‘its one of a kind’. The harassment & extortion from the taxi drivers is unparalleled; i believe.
      I have even picked a friend from Enugu airport in a yellow cab & we weren’t harassed.


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