You are Stupor & a Compound Idiot #MyLeggedezBenzStories

So I was travelling and boarded those along the road buses (you know those ones that are not registered that just pick passengers along the road). There were already passengers before me. Some minutes after I got in, the driver asked for his fare, I kept quiet then next thing the lady at the front shouted: “Those 2 people that entered @Mgbidi  should pass their money”. I passed my money forward. The journey continued peacefully until we picked 3 more passengers.

Next thing, the driver asked for the fares again so 2 people passed their money forward while the other kept quiet. The lady in front turned back again and siad that the money wasn’t complete, that someone was yet to pay. The driver shouted for the money again and the remaining guy who was seated at the back shouted back “I’m aware, driver”. The lady turned back again and started shouting at another guy to pay his fare. The guy told her he wasn’t the one still owing. But the lady insisted and started shouting angrily at the guy to pay. The guy explained that he was among the first to board the bus and his neighbour chirped in, confirming that he wasn’t the one owing.

The journey continued till the accused guy got to his stop and went to alight. Then the lady started again saying he didn’t even pay and he is commanding the driver to stop him at a particular spot. At this point, the other passengers joined in to ask the woman what her problem was. The guy’s neighbour told the woman to just keep quiet as the man had paid his fare, others also seconded pointing out that he was among the first to board the bus. The woman continued shouting and told them to shut up and mind their businesses. At this, a passenger asked her what her business was in the whole affair as she wasn’t the driver’s wife, mistress, his accountant or his conductor. Another added that if she wanted to be a conductor, she should leave the front seat and move to her rightful position.

And all hell was let loose…..
She started spewing insults one after another with the other person countering. Next thing i heard ‘You are very stupid‘ ‘In short, you are stupor

That was my face

You are a compound idiot‘ ‘You are not even fit to be my househelp

At this point, it seemed a unanimous decision was reached by all that the woman was a horrible woman. And the next comments were: “I wonder how her husband copes with her”, “I’m sure he either doesn’t come home or he has chased her out”.

But that got me wondering, “What if she was just having a bad day? Or a bad week even?? Or maybe she’s just going through some phase in her life like ‘The Diary of a mad Black Woman’ (For those who have watched it)???” I know it’s not an excuse, afterall she didn’t know what we were going through ourselves but sometimes I just feel  that we judge people too easily based on one incidence.

Share your thoughts people………


7 thoughts on “You are Stupor & a Compound Idiot #MyLeggedezBenzStories”

  1. Biko, she deserves that judgement. None of my business if you’re having a bad day. Another incident and I might reconsider. This is different. She is just horrible. Wetin concern her concern driver. Na wa o!

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  2. Most times when a person is acting like an a*****e, we are quick to judge the person….most times the individual in question is simply having a bad day….
    But I insist that, having a bad day doesn’t give anyone an excuse to pour his/her frustrations on an innocent bystander….
    Finally, a single act of bad behaviour doesn’t make a person ‘bad’ because I’m sure we have all done some things we are not proud of…

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  3. Hahaahahahaaha! I don’t know why I found this post so humorous. I was just visualizing the kasala we deny burst for car. Also, it has been long I heard the insults “stupor” and “compound idiot.”

    Big ups for mentioning one of my favorite movies.

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