Nigerians and their Unsolicited Advice #ameboism

Scenario 1:
A friend of mine was at a hair salon, she is #TeamNatural. Next thing, the hair stylist started advising her to retouch her hair as she feels pain on her scalp alot. The woman started, “Natural hair is for girls who can withstand scalp pain, you sef hair dey pain like die wan carry natural hair”.

Hia!!! What is the woman’s business with my friend’s hair? Does the scalp not belong to my friend? If she decides that she loves pain, how is it the stylist’s wahala?

Scenario 2
A man goes to visit his mom (let’s assume he is in his late thirties), and finds his mom has a visitor who he has never met before. Out of the benevolence of his heart, he decides to greet the visitor who instead of asking after his health or something else, asks him about his wife. When he replied he wasn’t married, she started, “you need to get married fast oh, your mates have 4 children already”.

Biko, what’s her own? Did the man say he wasn’t aware his mates were married?

Scenario 3
Quickly crossing the road, a friend rushes and hugs her other friend. They were meeting again after some years. She’s asked about her husband and kids and in the middle of the conversation,  the friend started advising her to be an obedient wife and not leave her husband to do house chores.  Even adding that it was getting late, so she should rush home to prepare dinner for the family.

Can I be allowed to say this abeg:
“Nigerians should learn to keep their opinions to themselves unless they are asked”.
Who asked you???


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