I don’t get why some people don’t just get it

So the other day, I was in a bakery shop just a street away from my house to buy half a kilo of flour. On arrival,  there were 2 customers (although they came together) before me  who were being attended to. So I stood patiently by the side waiting. About 2mins later, the sales girl asked me what I wanted. I replied, ‘Half kilo of flour’.  She asked, ‘just it?’ I replied, ‘yes’. And she told me she was coming.

Ten minutes later, I was still waiting as the customers were trying to make up their minds on what they needed as they didn’t have a list.  Actually,  I think they wanted to fry chin chin but they weren’t sure of the ingredients: so they would ask: ‘we will need margarine right?’; the lady responds, ‘yes’. And then they spend the next 3-5 mins trying to choose a particular brand as there were up to 3 different brands. And the cycle would be repeated for the next item they weren’t even sure they would take at the end.

All these while, I stood patiently while the sales girl stood by the other side, and an elderly woman (I’m guessing her grandmother) sat inside the shop just observing us. I kept reminding her of my flour and she would always ask me to wait. At a point, the ladies asked her to pack my flour for me, she didn’t bother responding.

I was mad. Of course,  the shop had the monopoly of being the only bakery shop in the neighbourhood and I’d already wasted about 15mins.  I just turned silently and walked off to the bus stop to enter a keke to another part of town where I was sure I would find flour. And the sales girl didn’t bother calling me back. Even her grandmother.

It’s amazing how these kinds of scenarios happen regularly and I wonder why is it that some people don’t just get it. To sustain a business,  you need customers/clients that return for repeat business,  not one-off transactions.  It doesn’t matter if someone walks in to buy just N20 stuff, never let them leave unhappy because you never know what he might buy on his return visit. Or better yet, the other people in his social network who he will recommend your business to.

I remember a friend of mine who told me of how her sister was being treated shabbily in a boutique as she looked too cheap (I guess), until a customer asked for the owner of the car blocking hers to come move the car and she left, moved her car and came back in to continue her shopping.  That was when she noticed the change in attitude (as they obviously started kissing up her ass when they realized she was the driver of a certain SUV), she was so annoyed that she left the shop and I’m sure she would almost never return there again for whatever reason.


We need to start getting it seriously! !!!


14 thoughts on “I don’t get why some people don’t just get it”

  1. Even after other customers told the shop assistant to attend to you, she refused and the other person in the shop didn’t intervene? Unbelievable! I’m sorry to read that you endured such terrible customer service. Their loss.

    Some people tend to service customers according to how they size them up. If you look a certain way, you get better service. As you pointed out, they are taking a myopic view of things.


    1. Yeah well, pretty woman all over again. People are so supreficial. They grade other people based on their outward appearance. As if one cannot decide to dress down.
      This thing even happened to me last week. As a matter of principle, I never return to such places again. Even if they have monopoly there. After they’ll blame the poor uncle in the village for their misfortunes. Mtcheeeeew!

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      1. Hahahaha @their uncle in the village blame. You are quite funny, I feel like I’ve just met a kindred spirit, my twin in blogosphere.
        I also never return to such places ever again as a matter of principle.


  2. Hmmmm. Very very sad but true. I went to thrillers yesterday night by 8 and I wanted burger. I saw 2 remaining. They always finish before 9. I picked up the first one and examined it, dropped it and picked the second one and did same and decided I wanted the first one and said it’s the one I want as it had more ketchup. I was rummaging thru’ my bag for money and. When I looked up, I didn’t see the second one again. I told her ‘what happened? I want the first one. She said she already put the other one in the microwave and it’s hot already and she can’t heat the first one for me. Seriously??? Wtf is my business? I want what I want! She said she can’t do it. The other hot one will spoil. It was funny. I was like ‘what if I leave now, what will u do? So I must take the one you picked??? Others came and she was narrating how I didn’t pick anyone and she saw me picking the other one she put in the microwave. Hmmmm. Story for the gods. They finally gave me the one I wanted. I told her she is horrible with customer service. I am in the same field and I know how I treat my customers. Does she care??? Anywayz, Soooo terrible.

    Sorry dear. Some people don’t care about that but it’s the building block of our lives. Truly!


    1. Its terrible shaa. You can have amazing products but bad customer service can drive all your customers to the person with inferior products. Attitude is everything.
      I’m sure if she had apologised for her mistake and explained to you that the burger she put in the microwave would spoil if someone didn’t buy it immediately, you would have understood and all the long drama would have been cut short


  3. Unbelievable!!
    People could be so rude
    I dislike people treating others with contempt. When they discover you are rich or intelligent, they start giving you eye-service respect.


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