You are not allowed on the pedestrian walkway as I’m standing there #MyLeggedesbenzStories

So the other day, I was going to work in the morning. From the bus stop to my work place is about a  5min walk. So I was walking on the pedestrian walkway till I noticed the army officials standing by the side of the road. Before I get to work, I have to pass by this T- junction and usually the cars negotiating the turns there take up almost all the spaces on the roads.

.A: The part of the road where we had the altercation. You can agree it's a danger zone

Now these smart Army officials were standing on the pedestrian walkway across the gutter. So as I approached, I was asking myself ‘Are these supposed protectors expecting me to walk on the road and risk getting knocked down while they take up the part of the road reserved for pedestrians like me?’  Of course, I opted out of walking on the road and continued on the pedestrian walkway (mind you, I’ve read FRSC’s Highway Code ftom cover to back severally). 

I walked past the first soldier (I saw the look of surprise on his face), passed the second one and was about passing the last one when he spoke ‘Does this look like a freeway to you? So you didn’t see your fellow pedestrians walking on the road? Idiot!! Stupid girl!!!’   I wanted to ask him ‘How can you be standing on our way and asking us to take a busy road? Aren’t you the crazy one?’ But as I loved my flawless face, I just jumped across the gutter silently and continued on my way.
How una way, jare??


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