We all need Re-orientation #MyLeggedesbenzStories

So the other day, I was on my way to a meeting in Okigwe. It was to start at 1pm and I planned getting there at least an hour before the meeting. I had a stellar plan: leave my house by past 8, get to the park by 9, give the bus at most an hour to be full then get to Okigwe latest by 12noon.


I forgot one important detail: it rained throughout the night before till that morning. You are wondering how this affects my itinerary,  I will explain. From my house, I had to pass through this single carriage road about 3-4km (this road should be at least a dual carriageway holding at least 3cars horizontally (not the narrow Nigerian im giving you a dual carriageway that can barely hold 2 saloon cars) with one of those cars being a heavy truck/trailer) and the traffic congestion on this road is a normal routine. But with the rain, there would be heaps of sand and other stuff contributing to a freer passage (note the sarcasm).

Of course,  Anambra state govt does not deem expansion of the 3-3 road a necessity,  although its the link road to 4 major estates/suburbs in Onitsha, rather we are building 2-3 flyovers in Awka to combat future congestion when the city expands (the capital city takes precedence in the Nigerian thinking). I’m digressing abeg.

Back to my story, that morning the traffic was soo bad that even the traffic controllers (latsma equivalent) were confused. Buses (the one I was in inclusive) were driving on wrong lanes but was I happy. The other passengers were even insulting the private car owners on the other lane who weren’t moving out of our way fast enough. I even cursed the drivers who didn’t allow us to rejoin our lane when we finally blocked oncoming vehicles fully  and rejoiced internally when other passengers started shouting on the driver telling him “you will not just wait a bit, when your car is scratched I will know what you will do, you are struggling for road with buses, Idiot’

I finally got to the park by 9:30am and as I waited for the bus to fill up, I went over the morning’s events and I was ashamed of myself. Because although I didn’t say a word, my silence was a support to the happenings of that morning.  I was in a hurry, yes but who said others who were in that traffic didn’t have more important meetings they were also rushing to.
Moral of the Story: Sometimes having a Leggedesbenz is useful, because if I’d been driving myself, I would have stuck in that traffic for nothing less than 2 hours and a half


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