The World goes on, even when you are Depressed

The world goes on……..
Even if you are depressed,  who cares?
Are we the cause of your depression?
Even if we are? You chose to be affected
And how does your experience affect us?

Even if you are mourning, 
Once we weren’t close with the dead,
We really don’t care, we just say the obvious ‘Eiyaa, may his soul rest in peace! He was a good man’
We might ask how you are coping,
But be aware you are supposed to say ‘fine’
We won’t bother with the burial unless we have something to gain by attending,
Or we want to parade our latest mourning asoebi.

Even if you are going through financial crisis,
Who cares if your children’s school fees are yet to be paid,
Or that you are behind on the rent?
We will still stuff you with meat, fish and expensive drinks in overpriced hangout joints
And even offer to pay for a lady of the night to help reduce your stress.

Even if you are single and desperately searching for a husband,
Is it not your pride and pomposity that made no man to want you?
We will still interrupt your teary tale of how yet another man you were supposedly seeing got hitched that Saturday
With our regaling story of the latest car, jewellery or shoes our dear sweet husbands just bought us,
And tomorrow we will wonder how you moved from the friend zone to snatching our husbands.

The world goes on……..
Uncaring if you are in mourning,  jobless or struggling with whatever issues you have
Thats why the Igbo proverb says: E buru ozu onye ozo, o dika e bu nku
Which literally means: when someone’s corpse that isn’t related is being moved, it feels like they carrying firewood.



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