Why so serious? ?? #Phynofino

So the other day,  I was discussing with a small group of persons when suddenly,  someone who was sitting close to us started playing a song on his phone. Actually,  the music player had been playing other songs till that particular song came on, the only part I remember is the chorus which goes somehow like this: ” a na m acho onye m ga-ako onu, anyi na-acho onye anyi ga ako onu” (I am looking for someone to insult, we are looking for someone to insult)

When I heard that part, I was about bursting out in laughter when suddenly one of us sighed, shook his head (like the weight of the world rested on his shoulders) and said: “what kind of music is this? People just spurt nonsense these days in the name of music and people actually play them. How can one comfortably listen to such  immoral songs?? These are signs of end time”

In my mind, my eyebrows went up & I said “Hia!!! People are so straitjacketed, can’t some people just loosen up and see the fun side of things? But l didn’t say anything out loud or change my facial expression one bit as I was with senior colleagues. (You know naa, before I would be asked: ‘Are you born again?, start receiving religious tracts daily or worse, labelled irresponsible)

But on a serious note,  I know Nigerian artists can sing terrible ‘where did this crap come from’ lyrics, but some songs are just for fun, Ighotago!!. Nwanne, people need to stop seeing devil eveywhere jare!

P.S: I know #Phynofino was in the song. Would appreciate if someone tells me the song.


3 thoughts on “Why so serious? ?? #Phynofino”

  1. Lol @ are you born again? Funny thing is there’s always been “unserious music”, music expresses every human emotion even mischief. Recently I was complaining about how sexualized music is getting until my friend reminded me of Songs of Solomon… I shut up.

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    1. Hahahaha!!!!
      ‘Songs of Solomon!!! That bit cracked me up big time!!!
      The problem with this whole ‘unserious music, demonic music, this music/that music’ is that we Nigerians like to cry more than the bereaved!
      Like you said, Ada-Daddii, music is an expression of human emotions, events – good or bad, etc…you either listen to it and enjoy it or you don’t! Shikena!

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  2. So you are afriad of recieving daily tracks?The tracks cant be the problem is just that you dont want the senior collegues to see u as less ungodly
    The economic situation of Nigeria is the problem but we just need to try and let go


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