Perfumes aren’t pesticides

Have you ever been so unfortunate to sit close to someone who used the whole bottle of perfume on themselves maybe during a long church service?  I just have to say this: please perfumes aren’t pesticides! !!!!


You just need a little. Don’t trigger an asthmatic attack for your neighbour abeg…….


8 thoughts on “Perfumes aren’t pesticides”

  1. I have a neighbour whose perfume lingers on the stairs one hour after he’s gone to work. Some people don’t feel they have enough perfume on if they’re not dripping with the stuff

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  2. At a point, people will form an organisation advorcating for “just a press “for perfume useage.The truth is it makes some people uncomfortable (eg me) and should be used with care…

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  3. Sorry all of u but if i hv my way I wld do d same. I luv perfumes! And I want everyone to know I’m wearing one. For those dat it induces attacks on, pretty sorry abt it. But honestly, der r only few ppl dat I kno it causes harm to if a survey check is done.

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