Who is assaulting who biko?

So I was watching news hour aljazeera and the news about Jack Warner who is being accused of corruption charges and next there was much talk about his bodyguard assaulting the journalist. 

It was soo hilarious, I couldn’t help but write about it. I know im African and Nigerian so beware of my analysis. From what I saw, the journalists were almost blocking the man and the bodyguard kept asking them to move but it was obvious they had no plans of moving aside without a reply from the ex-FIFA official, then the bodyguard pushed one journalist out of the way and news outlets decided to make it a headline.

And herein lies my dilemma,  if pushing someone is physical assault then blocking someone’s way is what? I am not a lawyer nor am I an expert in legal matters but i do know that blocking someone’s way is a form of assault. 

And herein lies my second dilemma: I don’t understand why the journalist being pushed out of the way is a headline because for God’s sake what was he expecting?  For the ex-official to answer his questions or face more scandals (bodyguard manhandling journalists scandals)? Please,  does that not translate to blackmail?  And is it not supposed to be a crime also?

Please someone should clarify for me because most times I don’t understand these oyibo people biko!!!!!!


Kindly awaiting your clarifications.


5 thoughts on “Who is assaulting who biko?”

  1. Nne, no be today. Na so dem dey get all these stars. If he punches the camera u keep shoving in his face, he sues you for assault and u pay for damages. Oyibo people dey craze. They are too pampered. If na naija people, they will lift you up and throw you away. They have times for themselves.


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