Thank God for Poverty

So the other day,  I was chatting with a friend when the subject of fat people who refuse to go to the gym or watch their weight came up, we started an argument on how some people are just lazy, others had bad genes to blame and how others are blessed with good metabolism and then it struck me;

Fat people make us appreciate trim people better,,,,,

And that was when I got my second thunderbolt:

The same way Poor people makeus appreciate Wealthy people better

And that was a revelation that broke through even my writers block.  I never knew there was a day I would get to have something good to say about poverty.

Thank God for poor people,  they make wealth look worthwhile and  the sacrifices for a better life look minuscule.  Seriously,  have you ever taken a good look at a young girl in her early twenties who is roasting corn by the wayside with her 3 unkempt children flanking her on all sides and wondered just how different her life would have turned out if she had done just a few things differently but ardently.

Have you ever imagined a world where everyone has Mercedes X-Class? How boring a Mercedes will become overnight?

But I guess we take more time admiring the wealthy, envying their lifestyle, debating over their excesses instead of studying the poor, learning from and being driven their experiences. Afterall a wise adage says:

Experience is the best teacher

But the best part of it was that it didn’t state whose experiences. ….. So the experiences do not have to be yours alone, it can be distributed amongst everyone you know.

You never lose weight by admiring slim people rather it would pay you more to study what overweight people eat, how they exercise and so on and never repeat those mistakes.

This applies for every aspect of our life