More degrees does not equal Wealth #fact

The other day I was listening to some highly educated professionals discussing and a statement struck me. One of the discussants said “So you want to tell me that its only through politics that someone can become wealthy,  those that spent so many years in school just wasted their time”. I wanted to burst out laughing but I held myself before they’d think I’d gone mad.

Quite unfortunately,  many people think this way. They believe that the many years they spent in school studying and always being ahead of their classmates in school assessments will immediately translate to more income at the end of the day.  Of course I agree that getting a PhD or a Masters degree will obviously give you an edge in some jobs. But is it not delusional to believe that your dumb former classmate will never be as rich as you are. Or is it not showing that there’s something half baked about your education to have such belief because come on, if you study the events in the world iy is obvious even to the dundees that the > 70% of the world’s wealth is controlled by the 2% supposedly at one point dumb individuals. And the supposedly smart ones keep speaking long grammar.


Getting your dictions correct and knowing your tenses does not translate to more money biko unless you are just one of the few with those skills. People should stop equating financial Intelligence with passing exams because that is a different yardstick.

Always remember that whoever pays the piper dictates the song unless the piper happens to be only piper in the district, then he might decide to disobey and be his own boss.

And that my dearest readers is why I always say:

No one pays you for being school smart, you are only paid for the valuableness of that your smartness.

I rest my case here for now to continue my lunatic laughter ‘winks’


5 thoughts on “More degrees does not equal Wealth #fact”

  1. Education opens more than one door and gives you an edge but, you are right, it doesn’t guarantee wealth/more wealth than someone who wasn’t/isn’t as educated as you.


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