Nobody is paid for working hard #fact

So the other day, I was discussing with a friend. We were just talking generally and next we started discussing cleaners and their salaries. My friend was trying to say that they must be paid above the minimum wage in all establishments as they work soo hard especially those in the fastfood business.

And that was when I remembered an audio I’d listened to previously:

No one pays you for working hard, You are only paid for the value you bring..
                        Jim Rohn

And that is the reality. 
I know most of you are saying “Of course, we all know cleaners don’t get paid well, after all they don’t have a degree duhh (insert rolling eyes)”. But what we don’t realise is that the degree itself is nothing,  rather its the perceived value attached to the degree that makes the difference.

This is why in the civil service, those with masters degree start at a higher level because they are assumed to be more valuable than the bachelors degree holder. This is also why if you are working in a private establishments like banks for instance,  you don’t get a bigger salary for having a masters or PhD rather you are paid based on your performance because to them your Ph.D is not valuable if it doesn’t translate to more money for the bank. Its that simple!

That you work hard at your job might help you keep your job but it doesn’t make you any less indispensable unless the previous workers were all lazy. We have to find creative ways to be valuable at our different work places.

Au Revoir


4 thoughts on “Nobody is paid for working hard #fact”

  1. Very true. Access Bank will always say they do not reward hard work but results. Its sooo sad but true. If u like walk under the hot sun all u want and don’t deliver accounts, OYO is ur name


  2. u ar right but nt dat hardwork doesnt pay rather u workhard on ur line of payment bcos if u ar in d oil sector u knw u need marine mandately nd all dat so u work in gettin dem so u wil be payed higher


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