Victory in Defeat #NigeriaDecides

So last Saturday’s presidential election has come and gone with General Buhari emerging the winner. The whole political fiasco leading up to the election was really something.

This election presents a changing dimension in the Nigerian way of thinking bringing about firsts in soo many aspects: the first time the opposition defeated the ruling party; the first time an incumbent was voted out of office and more importantly,  the first time in Africa that an incumbent president who lost an election called up the opposition to congratulate him and ask his supporters to remain calm and accept the results.

And that singular action made him a hero. That singular action has redeemed Nigeria to an extent in the international community even Africa as a whole, showing us as  people who are no longer willing and ready to do anything to remain in power. He was able to turn the defeat into a victory for although he lost, he still remains the headlines in the news and in my own opinion should win a nobel peace prize.

Your thoughts biko! !!


7 thoughts on “Victory in Defeat #NigeriaDecides”

  1. It is indeed a first on many levels and GEJ brought something to the Nigerian political terrain even though we might not recognise it just yet. I applaud his approach towards his defeat, particularly when he said that no election is worth the blood of any Nigerian.

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    1. When he said that, he regained all my respect.
      I wish all African politicians will learn how to gain respect from people and realize that there is something far bigger than winning an election and that is leaving a memorable Legacy.

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    1. Leke, he did something unprecedented and worthy of a peace prize… I’m just not sure if it’s the Nobel prize. Do you know how many lives have been saved by that historic concession? If GMB had done this in 2011, all those corpers who died then would be alive today.


      1. Exactly! ! For once, an African leader put people’s lives above his Political Ambition. He could have cancelled the election after all there were evidences of foul play in various centres, he had a thousand and one options but he chose the hardest (to become an ordinary citizen no be small thing ohh) & he has allowed a new era in Nigeria’s democracy

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