Beware of Whiners #MyLeggedesbenzStories

I’d been sitting by the kerb for about 15 minutes,  wondering if  the university taxis had ganged up against me as none had shown up all these while when I noticed Chizoba (Not her real name but you will soon understand why I named her so). She was standing on the kerb, waving almost desperately at almost all on coming vehicles not minding if they looked like a taxi or not. “She must be in a hurry,” I said to myself.

I walked up to her and asked if she was going to town, she replied: ‘Yes’. Then I suggested that we take an intra campus taxi which would stop us at the gate from where we could easily find a means of transport to town. We flagged the next taxi (which had ‘INTRA’ written on it), she shouted ‘town,’ the driver shook his head but on a second thought asked us to enter so he’d stop us at the gate. As the driver was about dropping us at the gate, we saw a taxi that was going to town and Chizoba started: “Its now this taxi will come out abii (hisses), taxi I’ve been waiting for the last 20minutes, whats wrong with these taxi drivers sef!!! The taxi is even empty and the driver cannot go round campus to pick passengers”.

As we got down from the taxi we were in, the other one zoomed off. And Chizoba’s rant started all over again “where is the man rushing to? Didn’t he see us alighting from the other taxi? Didn’t it occur to him that we might probably be going to town? And that taxi is still half empty smhhh

At this point I was running to the mini motorpark just outside the school, I didn’t want her sitting by my side at all. There were no taxis, just keke (tricycles) and buses, I moved towards the keke side, looked around, couldn’t find her, did a spiritual highfive as I assumed she had opted for the bus, sat down, took a deep breath, exhaled and brought out my phone. Someone sat next to me and it was HER!!!!!!!!!!!

AGAIN? ?????

I ignored her but in the next 30 seconds she started complaining again. We were 3 passengers in the keke and the driver was waiting for the 4th client. The rant began: “Mtcheeww! ! This driver will not come and move now, he is here wasting everyone’s time because he is looking for one passenger, does he think I came to sleep here, I’m still saying that the weather is soo hot and someone is parked here and bla bla bla”. I wanted to tell her ‘Madam you can kindly pay for the empty seat so that we can leave, I’d be most grateful’ but I decided to mind my business.

She continued like that, complaining about one thing after another till she dropped at her bus stop.  God! Did I heave of sigh of relief?


We all know people like that: the whiners,  always complaining about one thing or the other; if the weather isn’t soo hot it is too cold, if the food isn’t salty then its not tasty etc. They can drain all the energy when they enter a room.

Beware of the complainers ‘cos they can turn your sunny day to a cloudy one.


8 thoughts on “Beware of Whiners #MyLeggedesbenzStories”

  1. Lol. True, Chidi. I am remeinded of Adam Zimblers’ quote when he said that “People who never achieve happiness are the ones who complain whenever they’re awake, and whenever they’re asleep, they are thinking about what to complain about tomorrow.”.. Great Blog you have here. Daalu.

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