The Vibes we Send Out

So the other day I was in a discussion with someone when his colleague came by to drop an I.V.  I just stood aside, listening and watching their conversation quietly.  So his colleague when he came into the office asked after the man’s mother in law who had been hospitalised (she was in intensive care unit from what I gathered), then when the man started replying he didn’t even look up neither did he bother making the characteristic noncommittal grunt that shows one is still part of the discussion even if you are apparently multitasking.

To me, a bystander all I could make of the drama was that the colleague never cared about the man’s father in law’s wellbeing,  he just asked after his health as an introductory greeting.  And the man apparently seemed to reach the same conclusions after a while because he broke off mid sentence.

Another scenario, 
I was at a seminar,  someone was doing a presentation and he kept on stopping halfway or when he was asked a question to scratch his head. He had alot of stuff but unless you were really paying attention,  you would leave with this general feeling that he didn’t really have an indepth knowledge of the subject.

We need to be aware of those vibes we send out unconsciously because 8 times out of 10, that is the basis people use to classify and label us.

P.S: Life has never been fair; but you can decide to stop playing the victim and take charge of the events.


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