Thanks to all the lifelines all these years

You know the other day,  someone asked me when I met a certain friend of mine. And as I answered the question,  I remembered the details of that period when I met the friend in question.

I was at crossroads then, trying to make some decisions and though he didn’t know of my state of mind that period, he actually helped me pull through.

As I reminisced, I realised that at certain points in our lives, we meet those few people who change our lives forever most times without even realizing it, those who helped us make those positive decisions,  those who served as our lifelines when we were drowning.

As the years go by, sometimes we forget some of them, lose contacts with some and other times we do them favours that even they themselves don’t understand why we would go out of our way for them as they might not be our closest friends. But we remain ever grateful for their presence in our lives at those defining moments and we remember them in our prayers.

Their actions also spur us to become better people and serve as motivation for others.


To all my lifelines past, present and in future, I remain ever grateful.


8 thoughts on “Thanks to all the lifelines all these years”

  1. It’s so important to appreciate people from our past. And it is so important to be a lifeline to someone every once in a while. If you think about it, those people who helped you have indirectly helped anyone you have helped, and the effect just continues to be magnified as we go on.


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