The 11th commandment: Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s job

So the other day, a friend of mine complained bitterly to me about an incidence at his work place. I won’t give specific details but the whole point was that he needed to get a document signed and his boss’s secretary decided to deal with him as she felt that the young man did not accord her her due respect. She refused to file the letter asking the young man why he didn’t rush to her office immediately he got the document if it was that important.

Now this was a document the young man went to submit to her the day he received it but unfortunately,  she was out on her lunch break. He left to come back 4days later to meet a ranting woman.

The young man tried explaining to her about how busy he was in his department and that particular day was the day he was finally able to make out time. At this point,  the secretary went up in blazes like Tom in tom&jerry when jerry set a fire cracker underneath Tom. She went on a rant: “Oh its now you can make out time for me abi? You were soo busy and now you expect me to rush and file your document and make sure the chairman signs it. You’ve seen me now that’s not busy. You think you can walk into my office any time you like and expect me to file your documents?  Am I your house help?  You were soo busy, so you think me im less busy o kwa ya?”

He had to beg the woman, buy her drinks before she took the document into the office. 


Those of us who work in civil service particularly can narrate stories of junior staff who feel angry each time they are asked to do their work,  because they feel a young man/woman who is old enough to be their child shouldn’t give them orders.

It always amazes me the way people think:  your job description states ‘Cleaner‘ but when you are called upon to clean, you start grumbling. Your job description says ‘Messenger‘ but when asked to deliver a file to the next office/department,  you remember that your kids are all grown up and are same age mates with the person giving you instructions.

But you were the same person who applied for a ‘cleaner’ ‘messenger’, ‘secretary’ job. What were you expecting: that one day you will become the head of department or team leader?  After all, Jesus turned water into wine, n’est-ce pas?

You should not voluntarily apply for a job you aren’t ready to do, disenfranchise other applicants and then turn around and make the lives of those who applied for the managerial position miserable no matter how young they are.

Please, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s job


8 thoughts on “The 11th commandment: Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s job”

  1. dat is wht i get everyday dey wil remind u dere age and hw long dey hv been in d civil service before u came and all dat .is dat bad ooo


  2. It’s a norm in naija. A gateman will insult u. The attendant will insult u. Driver too. The hair stylist will insult u. Everyone who feels a tiny drop of power. Even if they aren’t given. Snatch it up to wreck havoc. After they will be pointing fingers at some other people. Civil service is no 1.


  3. I feel its the thinking style and level of unemployment in Nigeria.No body is thinking about what your passion is,we are only interested in daily bread.Lets hope that one day we will have the Nigeria of our dream.

    Let me also point out that some managerial level employee exceed their boundaries.In developed countries even waste mgtment companies dont pack refuse for you.Because these people are also humans the law demands that these wastes should be WELL packed in a way that it doesnt cause harm.

    But it all points at employing people that have passion for the work

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