Beware of Whiners #MyLeggedesbenzStories

I’d been sitting by the kerb for about 15 minutes,  wondering if  the university taxis had ganged up against me as none had shown up all these while when I noticed Chizoba (Not her real name but you will soon understand why I named her so). She was standing on the kerb, waving almost desperately at almost all on coming vehicles not minding if they looked like a taxi or not. “She must be in a hurry,” I said to myself.

I walked up to her and asked if she was going to town, she replied: ‘Yes’. Then I suggested that we take an intra campus taxi which would stop us at the gate from where we could easily find a means of transport to town. We flagged the next taxi (which had ‘INTRA’ written on it), she shouted ‘town,’ the driver shook his head but on a second thought asked us to enter so he’d stop us at the gate. As the driver was about dropping us at the gate, we saw a taxi that was going to town and Chizoba started: “Its now this taxi will come out abii (hisses), taxi I’ve been waiting for the last 20minutes, whats wrong with these taxi drivers sef!!! The taxi is even empty and the driver cannot go round campus to pick passengers”.

As we got down from the taxi we were in, the other one zoomed off. And Chizoba’s rant started all over again “where is the man rushing to? Didn’t he see us alighting from the other taxi? Didn’t it occur to him that we might probably be going to town? And that taxi is still half empty smhhh

At this point I was running to the mini motorpark just outside the school, I didn’t want her sitting by my side at all. There were no taxis, just keke (tricycles) and buses, I moved towards the keke side, looked around, couldn’t find her, did a spiritual highfive as I assumed she had opted for the bus, sat down, took a deep breath, exhaled and brought out my phone. Someone sat next to me and it was HER!!!!!!!!!!!

AGAIN? ?????

I ignored her but in the next 30 seconds she started complaining again. We were 3 passengers in the keke and the driver was waiting for the 4th client. The rant began: “Mtcheeww! ! This driver will not come and move now, he is here wasting everyone’s time because he is looking for one passenger, does he think I came to sleep here, I’m still saying that the weather is soo hot and someone is parked here and bla bla bla”. I wanted to tell her ‘Madam you can kindly pay for the empty seat so that we can leave, I’d be most grateful’ but I decided to mind my business.

She continued like that, complaining about one thing after another till she dropped at her bus stop.  God! Did I heave of sigh of relief?


We all know people like that: the whiners,  always complaining about one thing or the other; if the weather isn’t soo hot it is too cold, if the food isn’t salty then its not tasty etc. They can drain all the energy when they enter a room.

Beware of the complainers ‘cos they can turn your sunny day to a cloudy one.

Lovely Peculiarities of Nigeria: The Nigerian student

So the other day, I was at a university.  I was to meet with someone in an office which was behind the Student Affairs Department.  As the office wasn’t popular,  I decided to ask for directions to the Student Affairs dept first and find my way from there.

Na where the wahala begin!!!
Many students couldn’t understand the difference between Student Affairs Department and Student Union Government (SUG) office. Mind you, they were two different buildings in 2 different locations inside the school, each with its own big signpost (I say this because I was directed to the SUG building from where I was redirected to the Student Affairs dept).


So what was the problem with the  students?

The Vibes we Send Out

So the other day I was in a discussion with someone when his colleague came by to drop an I.V.  I just stood aside, listening and watching their conversation quietly.  So his colleague when he came into the office asked after the man’s mother in law who had been hospitalised (she was in intensive care unit from what I gathered), then when the man started replying he didn’t even look up neither did he bother making the characteristic noncommittal grunt that shows one is still part of the discussion even if you are apparently multitasking.

To me, a bystander all I could make of the drama was that the colleague never cared about the man’s father in law’s wellbeing,  he just asked after his health as an introductory greeting.  And the man apparently seemed to reach the same conclusions after a while because he broke off mid sentence.

Another scenario, 
I was at a seminar,  someone was doing a presentation and he kept on stopping halfway or when he was asked a question to scratch his head. He had alot of stuff but unless you were really paying attention,  you would leave with this general feeling that he didn’t really have an indepth knowledge of the subject.

We need to be aware of those vibes we send out unconsciously because 8 times out of 10, that is the basis people use to classify and label us.

P.S: Life has never been fair; but you can decide to stop playing the victim and take charge of the events.

Thanks to all the lifelines all these years

You know the other day,  someone asked me when I met a certain friend of mine. And as I answered the question,  I remembered the details of that period when I met the friend in question.

I was at crossroads then, trying to make some decisions and though he didn’t know of my state of mind that period, he actually helped me pull through.

As I reminisced, I realised that at certain points in our lives, we meet those few people who change our lives forever most times without even realizing it, those who helped us make those positive decisions,  those who served as our lifelines when we were drowning.

As the years go by, sometimes we forget some of them, lose contacts with some and other times we do them favours that even they themselves don’t understand why we would go out of our way for them as they might not be our closest friends. But we remain ever grateful for their presence in our lives at those defining moments and we remember them in our prayers.

Their actions also spur us to become better people and serve as motivation for others.


To all my lifelines past, present and in future, I remain ever grateful.

Whats Love got to do with it????

So today I listened to Tom Barret’s  Dare to Dream and I remember he asked: what’s love got to do with it?  

It got me thinking. Lots of time we say: ‘I don’t like my job’, ‘I don’t like this course’,  ‘I don’t like my salary its too small’, ‘I want to make more but I hate that im not that business oriented,  I hate figures’, ‘I have soo many dreams, hopes & aspirations’,  ‘I love my wife but things aren’t just working out between us’, ‘I would love to be a millionaire’,  ‘I would love to move my family from a flat to a duplex’, and the list goes on.

But the question is: what’s love got to do with it?  Answer: Nothing. You hate your job? I can assure you that its not the reason you don’t get promoted.  Look around you, you find others who do not also like the job  but are excelling at it.

You love your wife? Many people do but rarely talk to their wives these days. Love helps but its the work you put in that builds the relationship.

You love nice cars but can’t afford them? Get to work. You have to work harder than those who own nice cars. You don’t get things you love just because you love them,  you have to earn them.

You don’t like the course you are studying?  Either change courses or work harder than the best in your class. You don’t have to love a course to be the best graduating student, that award goes to those who held on throughout the semester,  who read when others were having fun.

When I am sick, I take drugs. And I can assure you “I hate drugs” but what I love isn’t going to make me better.

You have dreams you want to achieve? Then you have to work towards those dreams.  If you don’t work, they will always remain dreams.  Yes! Dreams


It’s even in the Bible: as a man sows, so shall he reap. Mind you, it didn’t say ‘as a man dreams, so shall it be’.

Thats why I repeat: Whats Love got to do with it?  And I answer again: Nothing.

Lots of love people! !!

What’s love got to do with it- Tina turner

The 11th commandment: Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s job

So the other day, a friend of mine complained bitterly to me about an incidence at his work place. I won’t give specific details but the whole point was that he needed to get a document signed and his boss’s secretary decided to deal with him as she felt that the young man did not accord her her due respect. She refused to file the letter asking the young man why he didn’t rush to her office immediately he got the document if it was that important.

Now this was a document the young man went to submit to her the day he received it but unfortunately,  she was out on her lunch break. He left to come back 4days later to meet a ranting woman.

The young man tried explaining to her about how busy he was in his department and that particular day was the day he was finally able to make out time. At this point,  the secretary went up in blazes like Tom in tom&jerry when jerry set a fire cracker underneath Tom. She went on a rant: “Oh its now you can make out time for me abi? You were soo busy and now you expect me to rush and file your document and make sure the chairman signs it. You’ve seen me now that’s not busy. You think you can walk into my office any time you like and expect me to file your documents?  Am I your house help?  You were soo busy, so you think me im less busy o kwa ya?”

He had to beg the woman, buy her drinks before she took the document into the office. 


Those of us who work in civil service particularly can narrate stories of junior staff who feel angry each time they are asked to do their work,  because they feel a young man/woman who is old enough to be their child shouldn’t give them orders.

It always amazes me the way people think:  your job description states ‘Cleaner‘ but when you are called upon to clean, you start grumbling. Your job description says ‘Messenger‘ but when asked to deliver a file to the next office/department,  you remember that your kids are all grown up and are same age mates with the person giving you instructions.

But you were the same person who applied for a ‘cleaner’ ‘messenger’, ‘secretary’ job. What were you expecting: that one day you will become the head of department or team leader?  After all, Jesus turned water into wine, n’est-ce pas?

You should not voluntarily apply for a job you aren’t ready to do, disenfranchise other applicants and then turn around and make the lives of those who applied for the managerial position miserable no matter how young they are.

Please, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s job