Why I don’t watch Nollywood movies

So the other day, I flipped to African Magic and a movie was showing.  Can’t remember the name but I know the story line was about two ladies that were fighting over a man. They were supposedly friends before the rich guy came along and started stringing both along. Instead of telling the man to go stick his yeye money up “wherever he wants”, they spent their time plotting how to outsmart the other and win the man’s affections.

And the high point of the story came when they packed thier bags to the man’s house,  each got allocated a room and the rivalry continued.  At this point, I asked myself: what is this rubbish sef? Who wrote this script?  They were two jobless females who were supposedly educated (according to the movie) but spend their whole day planning the winning trick for the man’s affections when he gets back in the evening.

I know some of you would say that the writer was only re-creating what happens in Nigeria but why must all our movies be about ladies that do not have jobs rather they look for men who they would suck all their money out from like a blood suckling demon. Why can’t we make movies about independent ladies who hustle daily to make ends meet and their hustle does not include looking for rich politicians,  big yahoo guys or their rich husbands to take care of their needs.

Or do you want to tell me that we do not have those kinds of ladies in existence here? Biko its really annoying,  I really want to be a patriot but its difficult to watch crappy movies just because you are supporting the industry.


Or is it the movies where someone who looks forty years old acts as a secondary school student and wears school uniform, like we can’t find young actors in a country of more than 140 million people.

Just saying where it pains me……..


15 thoughts on “Why I don’t watch Nollywood movies”

  1. Hahahahahaha

    May be you write the script of hard working girls but truth be told a greater percentage of Nigeria girls even the so called working class ones spend time plotting the popular scripts you see everyday in our movies.Just a few ladies are focused and have smart goals.

    Maybe that’s why most films follow the trend,I feel your pains


    1. If that’s the case, then don’t you feel that we as a country need to rethink our value systems especially the way we train our girlfolks as it means there’s a fundamental problem which we are overlooking


  2. As in eh. I DON’T like watching Nigerian movies. Not just because they are crappy, but the storylines leave a lot to be desired. These movies often portray women as people that need men in their lives in order to feel validated. Nne, biko, do you know anybody that will pack her bags to a man’s house in order to continue a nonsense rivalry/fight over the man? I don’t know anyone like that o.

    Biko, it is also paining me as well. Pssssst.


  3. lol lmao hahahahaha cant stop laughin bcos i dont even lik watchin movies except ….but d truth is dis if u ar a script writer u wil always go for wht sells so i believe if it doesnt sell dey would hv changed it bt since u say dey do more of dat …..dat means it sells more nd dis is bizness if we hv a country wit 140million pple nd 120million p
    ple ar patriot wht do u except….bt to me i jst dont lik it bt dey hv market maybe wit dis pple wil see reasons wit u


  4. I beg to differ. Many naija movies arent all abt dumb gals looking for a man to latch on to. Infact these days,There are so many movies about independent women. Nollywood has indeed evolved and am kinda impressed with the new movies i see these days. The era of aristo babes movies are gradually comimg to an end. Nice piece though.


  5. I love Nollywood especially the pre- ojuju-Kalamba weave wearing, fake foreign accent, poor story-telling days.

    These days, the whole world and her brother wants to be an ‘hactor’…so what do you expect? Yes, there are a few good ones but they are overshadowed by the terrible ones, unfortunately.

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  6. I haven’t really categorised our naija movies in that light. All I see is crappy scripts upon crappy scripts. I feel it’s cos there is no challenge. No fire in their bellies. So they produce whatever they like and we watch. People do not believe in nollywood. I am one of them. If there is some serious competition in scripts and production, it won’t be like this. same recycled garbage. If actors make as much money as they should make and screen writes too, people of talent would come up. It should be a passion. Not a job cos ur jobless. So I heard soo much about AY 30 days in atlanta and pressured my husband to go see it in a cinema. He vehemently refused but finally bought it. I watched it for 5days. Kept sleeping off. What am I saying? I don’t understand the movie. Most of the jokes are dry. And Akpors supposedly a village man is dressing Soooo fine. And the ending was just plain horrible. Lemme leave it here. @nollywood, it won’t hurt for us to do fiction once in a while. Everything ui do is reality. I live it everyday. Abegi I want to be taken away on a journey. Something fictional.

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  7. Lemme not go fully into Nollywood and their crappiness… @anonymouschi, u know I actually thought my sis and I were d only people dat 30days in Atlanta bored almost to d point of pulling our hair off and eating… Most people I know were going gaga for d movie so I felt my sis and I didn’t have a sense of humour or something… I hissed all through d duration of d movie… Once again, ‘tshewwwwwww’

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