Screen shots from a dear friend

So I have this friend who is quite inspiring.  I’m not a social media user but this is one person I always check his profile picture at least once in two days, he always has these beautiful quotes that make you rethink your take on life. You will understand soon as I have saved some of his recent profile pics.

Could you imagine the joy one feels seeing this quote on awakening.


I wish some people would just get this stuck in their brains biko.


I actually do not agree with this. Some people do have bigger problems.


I guess that’s why they are children as they do not understand how the world works yet.


Some of you must have seen this on the blog’s Facebook page. So the question really is: eating or sleeping,  which one is more important to you?


Does this not remind you of colonial masters? ????
Just a thought


And this is my best. Royals are fearless, radiate confidence, project this aura that their goals are achievable and are driven to leave behind a legacy to be remembered for.  Think of the pyramids in Egypt,  the mausoleums in Europe and how the Chinese writings came about, as long as you have your invisible crown, your carriage changes and you behave like one.

What do you think?

All quotes were screen shot from C.I.’s profile pics


7 thoughts on “Screen shots from a dear friend”

  1. is intresting but it all depends on d way u see life and how life hv turned u.bcos on d post about givers and takers if u dont hv u go for d taking guys bcos u hv been sleeping…..


  2. Yes. I see quotes that are inspiring. But am also a huge fan of the ‘the end justifies the means’. Is that machiavelli now. Dunno. U are a product of nature and nurture. Its different wiv everyone. I strongly believe in u finding u and doing what u want and how u want it.


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