Saw this quote and I’ve been trying to make sense of it but its bogus. I can understand majority of people thinking the same way hence we are able to have social norms & regulations.  But I believe he was also being sarcastic and was indirectly mocking those who believe that those with a different opinion are not good (that mentally sick) and should be corrected/treated.


What are your thoughts anyway?

Why I don’t watch Nollywood movies

So the other day, I flipped to African Magic and a movie was showing.  Can’t remember the name but I know the story line was about two ladies that were fighting over a man. They were supposedly friends before the rich guy came along and started stringing both along. Instead of telling the man to go stick his yeye money up “wherever he wants”, they spent their time plotting how to outsmart the other and win the man’s affections.

And the high point of the story came when they packed thier bags to the man’s house,  each got allocated a room and the rivalry continued.  At this point, I asked myself: what is this rubbish sef? Who wrote this script?  They were two jobless females who were supposedly educated (according to the movie) but spend their whole day planning the winning trick for the man’s affections when he gets back in the evening.

I know some of you would say that the writer was only re-creating what happens in Nigeria but why must all our movies be about ladies that do not have jobs rather they look for men who they would suck all their money out from like a blood suckling demon. Why can’t we make movies about independent ladies who hustle daily to make ends meet and their hustle does not include looking for rich politicians,  big yahoo guys or their rich husbands to take care of their needs.

Or do you want to tell me that we do not have those kinds of ladies in existence here? Biko its really annoying,  I really want to be a patriot but its difficult to watch crappy movies just because you are supporting the industry.


Or is it the movies where someone who looks forty years old acts as a secondary school student and wears school uniform, like we can’t find young actors in a country of more than 140 million people.

Just saying where it pains me……..

Screen shots from a dear friend

So I have this friend who is quite inspiring.  I’m not a social media user but this is one person I always check his profile picture at least once in two days, he always has these beautiful quotes that make you rethink your take on life. You will understand soon as I have saved some of his recent profile pics.

Could you imagine the joy one feels seeing this quote on awakening.


I wish some people would just get this stuck in their brains biko.


I actually do not agree with this. Some people do have bigger problems.


I guess that’s why they are children as they do not understand how the world works yet.


Some of you must have seen this on the blog’s Facebook page. So the question really is: eating or sleeping,  which one is more important to you?


Does this not remind you of colonial masters? ????
Just a thought


And this is my best. Royals are fearless, radiate confidence, project this aura that their goals are achievable and are driven to leave behind a legacy to be remembered for.  Think of the pyramids in Egypt,  the mausoleums in Europe and how the Chinese writings came about, as long as you have your invisible crown, your carriage changes and you behave like one.

What do you think?

All quotes were screen shot from C.I.’s profile pics

Lovely Peculiarities of Nigeria: Our sense of entitlement

So the other day, a friend of mine told me a hilarious but annoying story. It was about an incident with her neighbour. The neighbour had a small generator: I pass my neighbour (Nigerians understand this) which he usually uses when the electricity goes off. Apart from the horrible noise, the fumes from the generator were soo bad they could pollute almost the whole compound. My friend complained to her neighbour that the fumes were polluting the air in her house and asked that the generator be moved farther away from her house to which the man replied: I just serviced this generator today and I don’t have any money again (although he had money to buy petrol) unless you will bring money for the lengths of wire needed to move the generator towards the gate.

Sometimes I don’t understand Nigerians. You will see a grown up accusing the brother or relatives of being wicked simply because the relative in question had refused to pay school fees for the grown ups children. The accuser probably has 6 children,  receives monthly salary but expects financial support from the relative as he is wealthy after all the Igbos say:”Nwa bu nwa ora” (a child is a child of everyone literally).

Sometimes I wonder if people understand how others struggled to get to where they are because you see those who believe that as children of Abraham,  heaven is their birthright.  Nigerians don’t want to suffer but we sure want to reap the fruits of someone else’s labour. How comical!!!!

I remember my student days, when one of my friends told me how she’d been pestering her uncle for money and the man stopped picking her calls, she had to take it up as a special prayer point to her pastor who recommended some prayers with fasting. I was amazed. She had paid her school fees and house rent, received monthly allowances so the money from the uncle was just an added bonus  but she believed it was her right after all the man was a relative and wealthy so she should get a share of the national family cake.


Its shocking when one sits down and thinks it through but it has become our daily manner so much so we take some things for granted. I am not saying that relatives shouldn’t help out other relatives or that philanthropy  should be forgotten we should understand that the help is a privilege not a right/entitlement and that the helper has a choice: he can definitely say NO