I am suffering from election apathy

So the 2015 presidential election is almost here and we all have seen the war between APC and PDP. This is surely the most interesting presidential campaign ever in my own lifetime.  With the daily news being bombarded with well known Nigerians and large numbers of electorate defecting from PDP to APC and likewise from APC to PDP, the almost weekly ritual of burning of brooms and umbrellas to signify the change in political affiliation or is it the dirt that is being thrown daily amongst the two parties.

It is now almost comical, it seems like a circus. I promised myself I wasn’t going to write about the upcoming elections but with my  day to day activities being disrupted with neighbours, friends and colleagues arguing about APC and PDP,  my message boxes being filled up with proPDP, proAPC, anti-PDP and anti-APC threads and links, I realised that instead of making me a bigger fan of a particular party, the whole arguments have made me to become more indifferent with each passing day.

Let me start with PDP,  I agree GEJ has ideas and proposals which if implemented will put us ahead of our African counterparts but that’s my problem,  they are proposals. He promised stabilisation of electricity but each passing day, all we get is increasing energy bills with no concurrent increase in service. Nobody remembers the Chibok girls, there has been incessant strikes with no plans to prevent future occurrences, we are still importing petroleum products after 6 years, i don’t even want to talk about the corruption allegations. Yes I know he has tried but with all due respect,  I feel that after all these years he has not grown into his shoes (the shoes are too big for him). All his promises has not been fulfilled so why should I vote him again?


For APC, the party has been preaching change and doing well in their states, take Lagos state for instance (and I must tell you,  I am very happy there is now a very strong opposition,  that is what drives democracy: Strong Opposition) but I don’t see the change in a military officer who is almost an Octogenarian being the presidential candidate.  There are much better candidates within the party but I guess they were hoping to appease the other half of the country then they come to preach that I shouldn’t vote based on ethnicity. It also doesn’t help that the campaign is being hinged on the candidate being strongly anti-corruption and how he would stop Boko Haram.  Mind you, I am yet to hear of their BH wonder strategy as they seem convinced their strategy would surely work (I don’t even want to ask why they didn’t present their strategy all these months while people are being bombed).  And i am yet to see people praising his track records while in office: what jobs did he create? What infrastructures were built? Which industries did he attract? Also, the recent certificate saga leaves me wondering……

This election is now more of the ‘cons’ of the other candidate instead of the candidates telling us (the electorates) how to plan to boost the economy, restructure our failing educational system, make healthcare accessible to all and the hospitals should be equipped et cetera. I don’t want to tell long story abeg.

And that is why although I have a permanent voters card (PVC), I don’t think I will vote in the upcoming presidential election.  And its not because im not patriotic, I believe in Nigeria but let’s just say I am disillusioned. 

What are your thoughts? ?

P.S: I believe that the money being spent in this presidential election campaign can build two state of the art hospitals that are fully subsidised for 6 months at least……….‘just saying’


15 thoughts on “I am suffering from election apathy”

  1. dat was awesome.dere is nobody to vote for dats all. a country with a population of up to 145million people or more cant bring up a leader. thats so bad

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  2. I have election apathy and elections where I live are a whole year plus away, I shudder to think what could be done with the money US politicians are going to spend on mean TV ads and rising to power. I struggle with choosing the one who is “Less bad” anymore because a vote for bad is still a vote for bad however less bad it is and thus I am enabling a bad person. I hope your people can find a decent leader and wish you the best.


  3. I feel people should vote. I would maintain my stance. This is a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. Not voting is wrong cos u will be the same people that will complain. I chose goodluck not for anything spectacular. He is horrible. The only difference between the 2 is that Goodluckz own is fresh in our minds and we read Buhari’s own from books so it isn’t easy to recollect. I know my facts but can’t put them together? Someone argued he built refineries. Which 1 please? I argued. He asked me who then built them. I couldn’t answer. Gowon built one. Obasanjo commissioned one. Sue me for not knowing a tich of history. but I know he didn’t do Jack so am voting the deep blue sea.

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    1. Love your analysis. Nigeria needs more people like you and I know that if I don’t vote then I have lost all rights to complain about whoever wins and that’s my dilemma….. do I still any strength in me to complain about the problems of Nigeria? ???
      Let’s see. I still have 2 weeks.


  4. I don’t envy you guys at alllllll!!!
    I remember Buhari’s time and all I can remember of that time is WAI [War Against Indiscipline] when he and the late Idiagbon were in power. I don’t remember any lasting changes he made to the country though. I still suggest that people vote…let’s start putting our money or should I say our Voter’s card where our mouth is. Rome wasn’t built in a day and Nigeria will not be healed in a day either.
    Jis’ienu ike!


  5. Honestly I like your article and I share your views.. I have election apathy too infact I have written on it. But someone told me not voting for anyone is worse.. I still don’t know if I will vote though


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