I hate “CULTURE & TRADITIONS” Warning:this is a rant!!

I know what culture means. According to my social studies teacher: Culture is a people’s way of life. Okay, I wasn’t taught the definition of tradition in school but according to Merriam Webster: it is an inherited, established or customary pattern of thought, actions or behaviour (as a religious practice or social custom). And now you’re wondering if I hate my culture & traditions, ironically I love the different Nigerian cultures. Im a cultural person at heart, I love all those celebrations where men and women get to dress in traditional attire and don’t get me started on masquerades, I’m a crazy fan. Sometimes I wonder why we did away with our African traditional Religion and became vigil crazy christians, I probably would have been an agbalanwanyi.


But I now officially hate that word ‘culture’ or ‘tradition’. You are now querying my sanity, I know. But it’s just that most times people use culture or tradition in their conversations with me, it is to tell how a good African/Nigerian woman should behave. How it is cultural for household chores to be a woman’s work and the man’s decisions to be law. Nevermind the fact that those same people will tell you that things have changed so women must work these days. Even people who cannot speak a Nigerian language and cannot get the pronunciation of their village right seem to become masters at explaining the cultural roles of women.


And this is why I now get irked by the words “Culture & Tradition” but I still love what they represent though.

And please let us all remember that in Social Studies,  the first characteristic of culture is that it is dynamic (changeable).
That Igbo girl
(Hopefully awaiting the day I will break kolanuts in a gathering)


4 thoughts on “I hate “CULTURE & TRADITIONS” Warning:this is a rant!!”

  1. Please take kisses jaare! There is nothing I despise more than people presuming to tell me how culture dictates I should act as a Nigerian woman.
    On another note, I am crowning you with the title of agbalanwanyi. 🙂
    Please break the kola nut and pass me one.

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  2. Nice? The question is, why do you have to break kolanuts in the first place? Just wash it (if u must) and eat away…. Then u wouldnt have to question any cultural norm…. Because at that point u have become a creator of culture, voila!

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