Umu eko want to guy nwa Aba #MyLeggedesbenzStories

So the other day, i was on my way to work in my Leggedesbenz as usual. I drove out to the bus stop where I boarded a keke (does one board keke or enter keke sef?). I sat at the back with 2 other guys. Then I thought to myself; this one I enter this rickety keke with these 3 men this morning sef?


Next thing,  the other passenger asked the driver to stop as he had reached his destination.  I got down, allowing him to alight. I got in and went back to my phone.  Few seconds later I realised the keke had stopped and the driver was talking to us (me and the other passenger). He showed the money the guy that left gave him; instead of 50 naira it was one strange currency.  In my mind, I wondered why he was gistin me biko! But I was also surprised at his reaction,  almost all the keke men I have met in Umuahia are usually unnecessarily aggressive.  I even highfived the keke driver in my mind, although I didn’t join in the conversation.  The other passenger advised the keke driver to stop the guy (as he was still walking along the road in front of us), return the money and ask the man to give him his N50.

So we drove and stopped in front of the guy and the driver said ‘Lekwa ego I nyere m, ihe I ga-enye m bu N50’ (see the money you gave me, your fare is N50) while showing him the currency.  The man then replied that he doesn’t understand Igbo. The driver repeated himself in English at which point the man brought out another foreign currency and gave him. When he told the man that yhe money still wasn’t N50, the man said he didn’t have any local currency that he was a foreigner. The driver asked him where he was from, the man said Ghana and that he just entered the country.  So my driver advised him to find somewhere to change his ghanain cedis.

I was getting irritated, cursing and binding the kind ekwensu that brought the man out that early morning as we were wasting precious time and I was almost late for work while still pressing my phone when the driver turned to me and said ‘sister, what do you say?’

I was like “What? Did anyone talk to me?”(all in my mind cos I’d tuned them out) but I just looked askance at the driver. That was when he told me that they (he & the other passenger) wanted to do their christian duty by taking the man to the bank and if I would be soo kind as to allow him to drop the man at the bank first before going to my destination.

I didn’t even dignify that statement with a response.
Christian duty kwa!!  Hia!!!  I just alighted from the keke and stopped another one without a backward glance. Inside me, I was fuming that these small Umuahia boys had the guts to think I look like potential ‘419’ material. 

Thunder fire them 20 times!!!!!!!

Hwaiting your own stories.

LEGGEDESBENZ: A type of vehicle that utilises one’s two legs as tyres and one’s energy as fuel.

Nwa Aba by Ruff Coin


9 thoughts on “Umu eko want to guy nwa Aba #MyLeggedesbenzStories”

  1. Mehn no be small thing ooh! D day mine happened, I was too much in a hurry to remain and listen to d bystander and d good samaritan okada man. Am not suprised dis happened in umuahia sha. Dem no gree upgrade na.


  2. Reblogged this on kosypep's Blog and commented:
    So, on my own experience,I was in a hurry to deliver a parcel to a friend via peace mass transit buses. Was rushing cos it was a job application that was closing soon. I entered an okada and after 2 mins we were stopped by a by stander who was asking for directions. Next I knew, he said he had a container load of electronics and was looking for the woman who was gonna buy it. He even promised me 2 laptops if I assisted. The okada man decided to help as he was a foreigner and he didnt want him to fall into d hands of 419 peeps. He then drove a little further from the man and started telling me reasons why we should help the man. I just told him he could help the man alone, climbed down and entered anoda bike and drove off. Itdidnt


  3. Lol! How come I’m just seeing this post? I had a similar experience when I was in SS2, those guys had almost taken me with them if not that my phobia for heights prevented me from climbing a set of steps.


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