Must poverty always equal ignorance? #annoyingreallifescenarios

Must a poor person be ignorant? Is poverty an excuse for ignorance or stupidity? ? (Pardon my language) These days I tend to weigh some of my statements in my brain,  repeat them over and over (in my mind I must add) before I speak because I have been told I usually speak without tact or worse sef, that my ideas are erratic. And be reassured that I understand the whole poverty breeding ignorance and vice versa vicious cycle but these days I wonder if we are not using that explanation as an excuse for people not doing what they are supposed to do.


You are wondering,  “What is the point of this her argument sef?” I will tell you. A friend of mine told me a story of a lady she met. The lady is married with 2 children who are alive, one died at 5 months.  She has an OND from a Nigerian polytechnic while her husband is a trader and they live in an urban area. Typical lower class Nigerian so you are still wondering what’s wrong with the picture? I will tell u.

The lady in question is HIV positive and her two children are also HIV positive.  Yes!!!! In this era, an educated woman did not go to the hospital for antenatal care knowing fully well she was positive and she transmitted the virus to 2 small children. What kind of ignorance is this?

I still cannot comprehehend the woman’s reasoning. Seriously! !! Because she seemed to have an idea that pregnant HIV infected mothers were given drugs to prevent transmission to the unborn child but she didn’t bother seeking help. She rather decided to do things her own way: get pregnant,  give birth to babies and raise them with the virus. Her first child died at 6 months and that didn’t bring about a change of heart from her.

Now this is what I find difficult to understand,  is it the poverty that is her problem or the ignorance or what exactly? ?? I have tried soo hard to understand what could have motivated this woman to act this way because I know that information about prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV is everywhere or is it possible she wasn’t aware? Or was she told but didn’t believe?  Or maybe she didn’t just care?? Or was it ignorance??

How exactly is ignorance to be blamed here? Or maybe its poverty? ?  Or was it that she was diagnosed someplace where she wasn’t counselled? Or l am I missing another crucial factor in this story?

I'm still trying to understand

Still trying to understand

Your thoughts please!!!!!!


16 thoughts on “Must poverty always equal ignorance? #annoyingreallifescenarios”

  1. I can’t understand it. If she doesn’t know about it, I still don’t understand it. Nothing is making me understand. I can’t help but conclude she is plain wicked. Thats the only explanation that be acceptable to me. Where does she give birth and her children keep being hiv positive? Are they taking their retrovirals or what? She should be locked up. Period!


  2. Poverty doesn’t necessarily equate ignorance. Sometimes, it’s people’s choice to refuse to learn anything new because they are too lazy to change their minds about what they know or they choose to be deliberately obtuse because they don’t want to be the first to do something differently.


      1. Yep! You might be ignorant because you genuinely don’t know but when the information is put out there and you deliberately refuse to educate yourself, preferring to wallow in your out-dated knowledge then what else can that person be if not lazy or stupid or myopic?


  3. I still see the story as fiction.Unless i didnt understand the article because for the woman to be staying in an urban area,i wonder where she gave birth.The last i checked no hospital wil allow her go without the neccessary sensitization, so i feel the woman deliberately wants to kill the children.
    Who knows if not for the little pleasure associated with takin in she might not give birth in the first place.
    Personally i believe poverty causes ignorance as some point but not in a cause like this


    1. I can assure you that this is a real life story. And some women do not go to hospitals to give birth rather they visit maternity homes (which here in Naija usually translates to a woman who takes deliveries without midwifery education ie a traditional birth attendant).
      u feel the woman deliberately spread the virus? So there was no ignorance here just wickedness?


  4. dis article is so difficult for me to comprehend. I still cnt believe dat a woman living in an urban area would be ignorant up to an extent of nt knowing dat a woman who is infected with d HIV virus stands d risk of infecting her unborn child. let me jst state dis clear, it’s either she never gave birth in d hospital cos if she did
    1. she wil always go for proper sensitization on child delivery
    2. she wil be told d implications of nt taking antiretroviral drugs wen pregnant(I.e preventing d child from being infected).
    or its either she was intimated on all dis preventive measures nd she still insisted on neglecting advice from d health care/hospital.


  5. It appears the author of dis article and some of the people commenting are non-nigerians. Cos a nigerian will most likely consider what her pastor/church/witchdoctor must have told her (most likely her pastor). That scenario is only possible in a sick society dat glories in psychotic superstitions, where atavistic instincts often take precedence over rational reasoning irrespective of d individual’s level of ‘education’. In preent day Nigeria, ‘Stupidity’ is the opium of the masses. I just hope dat will change in the next generation, cos for d present one, mmhhh???


  6. Its not ignorance or laziness or whatever you might chose to call it, this should be a case of ‘FAILED FAITH’ (if there is anything like that anyway). We live in a world where FAITH moves mountains. We live in a world where we dnt care about what our actions means to the next person simply because our pastor told us to have faith and it has almost translated into wickedness in most cases jus like this one…. Imagine the kind bright future awaiting this 2 kids dat has just been ruined because their mother had ‘FAITH’… I still think she should be locked up tho because faith without work is dead nd heaven only helps those who help themselves… Buh am still very pissed anyway!!!!


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