A father’s love /A True Story/

He rushed back home after he got the call that his daughter had been convulsing continously for a day and half  and the congregation had been binding and casting the demons all day. It didn’t occur to any of them to take the child to the hospital. He dropped everything and went back.  On arrival,  he was greeted by the sight of his now unconscious child with the sole of one foot burnt (which happened when a helpful neighbour suggested to the mother that the child be taken close to the fire for warmth as child was shivering while convulsing,  unfortunately there was more turning than was anticipated and child’s foot went into the fire).

The man rushed the child to the hospital unconscious and still having seizures,  where several tests, drugs and ever changing diagnosis were given. He was berated for seeking health care late and for having mismanaged his child in the beginning as the doctors said the brain had been insulted soo much, they could not at that point give a prognosis. 


And that started their journey, long hospital stay with the man cleaning the child, changing her diapers, holding her all through the night watching for seizures to alert the nurses. While in hospital, the seizures continued and everyone was giving up hope but the man persevered.  He did all the tests that were asked and bought all drugs although the child was obviously worsening and he never complained. He even encouraged the doctors. Days turned into weeks, the sister that was giving him financial support died, hospital bills kept increasing and the man remained by the child’s side abandoning all work, all matters. Mother came a week later and when she saw the child’s state, she left the hospital in tears, wailing along the road that she could not bear to see her daughter suffer.

Finally,  the seizures stopped but the child was already blind, legs were somehow bent and some degrees of deafness was also suspected.  But he was told that as children are known for their ability to regenerate neurones and overcome insults to the brain, there was hope that the child might see again and walk although there maybe an obvious limp.


Yet this man still showed the same love, care and devotion he had towards the child. She was nothing like the vibrant happy little girl who used to rush into her father’s arms once he gets back from work; the little girl who shared a nickname with her dad that was just between the two of them. But these days, she hardly responds and cries most of the day. The years ahead were going to be a big struggle but you could see his resolution,  his belief that a divine intervention will happen. And one cannot help but pray (even if one is an atheist) for a miracle and that love may concur all. 


8 thoughts on “A father’s love /A True Story/”

  1. This is real love…………..

    In a country like ours where we pray too much with little action why wont we produce the richest pastor.The earlier we back up our prayers with actions the better for us


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