Is Russia truly the villain here?

We all might be all be hasty in our decision  to support the view that Russia is surely the villain in the present Ukrainian crisis. After all,  the former president Viktor Yanukovych who is favoured by Russia was ousted during the crisis because he refused to sign the Ukraine-EU deal.

Also, immediately the crisis escalated into somewhat of a  civil war, Russia quickly annexed Crimea acting unilaterally (nevermind that the people voted in  a referendum, of course we cannot fathom that a people can actually freely choose to join tyrant Russia so the votes must have been rigged).

Another evidence is that the Malaysian plane carrying civilians was shot down in the rebel held region of Ukraine by rebels (who are backed financially and militarily by Russia). Although Kiev is backed militarily and financially by the west but thats okay because Ukraine is a sovereign state which may I remind you incase you’ve forgotten used to be a part of sovereign Russia. Now the rebel region of Ukraine wants to do the same thing and we label them rebels because they seem to be in bed with Russia.

Image of flight MH17 crash site

The issue of who shot down Malaysian flight Mh17 lingers, and we might never find the culprits what with the heavy military assault thats ongoing at the moment.  I’m sure there would be little or no evidence left to decipher and we are going to be left with whatever impression we had of the party  we believe downed the plane of which the media we listen to will have a great influence. Lets try to be conspiracy theorists for a minute: what did the rebels have to gain by shooting down a civilian plane, what if someone else who knew the rebels would be blamed first shot it down, or what if the rebels truly thought it was a Ukraine military plane that was flying quite high? There are so many other plausible scenarios.

Sometimes,  I wonder if we ever take the time to hear the full story, the different versions from the  different  parties involved. Because Ukraine was supposedly fine before the EU association agreement dispute started, now there’s a humanitarian crisis. And the refugees are not fleeing westward into Kiev rather they are crossing the border to Russia. And I feel we are not being told the full story and will never know. Ukraine seems to be the grass thats caught in between two elephant’s fight.

Never be caught in the middle of a fight between two bosses, you would almost always lose.

And that brings me to a very important lesson,  never get caught up in a fight between two bosses in an organisation because you might end up on the losing end no matter who wins. Also, in life there’s no straight dividing line between the bad guy and the good guy, the lines are usually blurred. And we as Africans,  should start figuring ways out of their problems, stop believing that we are the west’s social responsibility,  for if Ukraine which is considered important in world political discussions could be this badly hit, I wonder at our fate dear Africa. I don’t even think we are pawns in the world political game because “pawns” at least are part of the game but we seem not to have realized this yet.

And maybe its time we learnt that the freedom of the press is synonymous to the freedom of the owner of the press to mold the news into a form that best suits it. Big international news networks can be biased only difference is that they don’t make it obvious like their Nigerian counterparts.



2 thoughts on “Is Russia truly the villain here?”

  1. D west has a way of effectively molding d news in dia favor nd makin evry oda person seem wrong while they are always right. But dat deceit is for those who can’t read between d lines nd diafore believe evry jargon CNN dishes out to them.


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