I don’t employ females…………

So the other day, a friend of mine went job hunting.  Someone directed her to a particular establishment as the person heard there was a vacancy for someone with her qualifications.  Now this my friend is a doctor but female which was a factor she never considered an impediment till she reached the aforementioned hospital.

Im an equal opportunity employer of labour but if you're female, know that you will never progress to getting your own office unless you become my secretary

She knocked on the director’s office door and there was this excited ‘come in’. Unfortunately, the excitement was shortlived as the man-s face fell as soon as he saw she was female.  Infact, he went on to explain to her that he didn’t believe she was competent enough or that she could handle the stress just by looking at her. Im sure the presence of a bust helped in cementing that belief.Imagine!!!!!!!!

Now I know some of us are getting indignant,  righteously so . The ladies would want to blame the men folk, rightly so.
Come to think of it, men can be so sexist sometimes that they believe women’s brains are somehow inferior. That women cannot handle office/work stress although they wouldn’t think twice about all the family stress which is most times more stressful than office work. A lady who is given a leadership position is always scrutinised with a microscope even her personal life is subject to question.  Her decisions are silently queried and any mistake is latched onto like a life line.

Many times one being female is a hindrance in a job interview cos you have to prove that you can rise above your feminity (if that even makes an iota of sense), that you can be as hard as a man. There is this general silent agreement amongst menfolk that women have “small brains”(allow me to use this term) when it comes to employment and bursting with testosterone is already a quasi pass mark for your perceived future hardwork and positive & financial contributions to an organisation.

Weren't you informed that Thatcher was my grandmother's 2nd cousin?

Being female and determined to climb the ladder means the lady is willing to put in twice as much work as her male hardworking colleagues if she hopes to be recognised.  She wouldn’t dress so fashionably or she would be seen as unserious while her male colleague’s good dress sense is extolled.

But the blame isn’t only on the men, we, ladies share a good portion of it. Because most times we put our fellow ladies in difficult positions.  When we are given jobs to do, we manufacture excuses and get our male colleagues to finish the job. We expect to be given easy jobs and we make sure we never get difficult tasks.
To work no be by force!!!!!
Flirting with the boss and your colleagues to get you out doing the mundane or difficult jobs or to cover your incompetence is making life difficult for your sisters out there. Cos the next lady to work in that department would be judged by your standards and its frustrating. Believe me

For those ladies who are always happy to oblige in the “we are going over an assignment and its getting late and you are permitted to go on home so that the the other three men in the unit will complete the task” scenarios,  beware!!! Because the same way you are readily excused to go home earlier is the same way you will be excused when the potential managers list is being compiled.

But the guys cause the bulk of the problem. How you keep excusing incompetence on the grounds of gender is perplexing to me. A guy once told me about a lady in his unit who was useless to the unit, it was so bad that the day she fell sick there was no noticeable difference in the daily operations of the unit and he never queried her. His reason?  She was someone’s wife and had a 7 month old baby.

In as much as im mad at the director, im also mad at my friend.  Why didn’t she put up a fight? Why didn’t she try convincing the man that hiring her would have been the best decision he had made in a long time?
Ladies, its time to stop wailing and complaining. Its time to fight cos if you want your rights you must be prepared to fight for them.

if u want peace, prepare for war


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