LAZINESS      IS       THE         
FATHER     OF         ALL

If you are in doubt, ask the man who invented the tv remote

Or you can try the man who invented the dish washer

Or better still, the man who invented the jacuzzi….

These are not necessities, they are more of comfort goods.
This is why I agree with the school of thought that believes laziness should be encouraged. As laziness helps one develop his/her inner essence, helps one horn one’s fine skills and makes one reflect deeply on the easiest possible way to achieve a particular goal.

Also lazy people tend to think more and reflect on events around them thereby picking little things others readily miss in their bustle.

Imagine the first man who rode a horse, can you imagine how stupid he must have looked. The laziest man in the town so lazy that he couldn’t even walk on a journey that he rode his poor horse. And I can bet everyone then betted that his weight would kill his horse.

Also think of the man who first thought of sofa (cushions), that must be a lazy man looking for a soft comfortable seat to relax in especially the padded office leather seats.

And that is the problem in this country, we are so hardworking that we take time duplicating the same tedious processes over and over with same results as we comfort ourselves with the clichĂ© “no sweat, no gain”
And we are stuck in this never ending cycle.

We are not lazy enough to be creative.

So I say, No to diligence. I think its time we teach our children that laziness can be a virtue. It all depends on the angle you are looking at, the perspective you see.



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